You knew this was coming, especially if you saw the third Clue ending to Wolverine, with Logan drinking in a bar in Japan.

Fox, Hugh Jackman and Seed Productions are in development on a Wolverine sequel, which will likely take place in Japan. The classic Claremont/Miller four-issue miniseries detailed how Wolverine trained as a samurai and ninja, fell in love with a woman named Mariko, and basically plotted his life as James Clavell fanfic. (Not that movie #1 really showed the character with an animal side.) No writer is onboard yet, but that shouldn’t matter, since the first film didn’t seem to have a writer, either. Wakka, wakka, wakka!

Some sites (IGN UK, for example) are reporting that Wolverine 2 has been greenlit, which isn’t the case. Fox is working with Jackman and Seed to develop the sequel, but this isn’t the studio saying ‘here’s a check, make it’. Granted, after the first film’s opening weekend, question of a greenlight is probably moot.