So tells the tale of Plants Vs. Zombies, yet another game that may make me rethink my anti-zombie stance. With this, Burn Zombie Burn and Zombie Apocalpse on the way, it looks like good zombie games are back in full force.

The trailer that hit a few weeks ago was so goddamn cutesy and sweet that I nearly went into diabetic shock, so I hope you suffer as well. We don’t want zombies on our lawn!

In any case, a demo for Plants Vs Zombies just hit Fileshack. Head on over there for the 26.7 meg file that lets you play for 30 minutes.

It’s to the game’s credit that I was disappointed when my time was up. At first it looks like a very simple take on the typical Tower Defense genre that’s become so popular in the last couple of years, but as the demo goes on you’ll see that things soon start really picking up. There are tons of different plants you can grow (build) to defend your house, and a nice variety of zombies even in this few opening levels.

The game’s currently selling for half price (10 bucks) on Steam and comes with a free copy of Heavy Weapon Deluxe, so if you’re interested hit that up before it releases tomorrow.