Fangoria’s Gorezone has taken off with a new website that shows the magazine is definitely going for a harder edge. Case in point, this new extremely not-safe-for-work clip from filmmaker Jay Cynik’s PUNCH.

(Sorry for the embed, folks. Didn’t realize there was nudity right on the preview image of the clip! Head to the link below for the full experience)

The official synopsis is pretty awesome- Brand, the leader of “The Teenage Mod Murder Squad” a punk biker gang, and Punch, the head of “The 4-Barrel Felons” a rock-a-billy muscle car gang , two life-long rivals, are hand picked by God and The Devil to square off in an all out war, over the course of one bloody night, to determine the fate of all humanity.

But we’ll see how the film turns out, although it’s pretty obvious it’ll satisfy the more bloodthirsy of us. Head on over to Gorezone for more info, and the trailer.