Justin Bartha is back!

Actually, Todd Phillips is back!

This is a guy who doesn’t get mentioned in the same breath as folks from the Adam McKay or Judd Apatow machines, but for the comedy crowd Phillips’ Old School carries as much weight as any of the other guys’ stuff. Add to that the fun Road Trip and decent Starsky & Hutch (fuck School for Scoundrels) and you have a director worth following.

He was also rumored to be doing a remake/reboot of C.H.U.D., which never happened.

The Hangover looks like a blast, thanks to the fun trailer, the unique cast blending TV guys [Ed Helms], stand up guys [Zach Galifianakis], and movie guys [Bradley Cooper].

Add to that Todd Phillips, JUSTIN BARTHA, and the concept of a bachelor party yielding a lost man, and you have the makings of mainstream summer comedy fun.

I’ll even forgive them the Mike Tyson stunt casting [Hollywood, stunt casting is dumb]. Bottom line: This is going to be a fun screening.

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