This is it- the final salvo of Fallout 3 DLC is almost upon us.

The new trailer for Broken Steel hit today, and does a great job of getting you amped up. Those of you who haven’t finished the main story might want to avert your eyes, because it pretty blatantly spoils the ending of the game. For everyone else, you’ll see just what happens when the story ends.

Good to see Liberty Prime still doling out justice.

As with the other DLC packs, there will be new achievements, weapons, enemies and perks, but this one will also raise the level cap for your character from 20 to 30 and allow you to play past the end of the game. It definitely sounds like the best value for anyone who only wants to pick up one pack.

Broken Steel hits Xbox 360 and PC tomorrow for 800 Microsoft points (10 bucks).