Whatever the hell it is Kevin Grevioux (Underworld) has going for him these days, I’d like to bottle it up and sell it, because this mofo is scoring one big deal after another; further proof of Grevioux’s continuing big-deal domination in Hollywood is this article, stating Grevioux will make his directorial debut with The Pale Horsemen, a big-screen adaptation of his graphic novel.

In addition to calling the shots, Grevioux will also pen the script.

The trades are describing The Pale Horsemen as a supernatural thriller (I swear, the mainstream press just flat out refuses to use the term “horror film”) centering on a group of lethal hitmen forced to work together in order to uncover who snuffed out their mutual mentor.

Best known to genre fans as one of the co-creators (and actor in the original) of the Underworld trilogy, Grevioux has been on a bit of a hot-streak as of late; Benderspink has picked up the rights to his graphic novel ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction, which Outlander filmmakers Howard McCain and Dirk Blackman are currently adapting. Furthermore, Death Ray Films snagged the rights to another Grevioux comic property, I, Frankenstein.

As far as Horsemen goes at this early stage, however, there are no big names as far as talent goes, so stay tuned for further poop here.