Because there’s the danger that it will get lost among all the late-summer dregs, I’m doing everything I can to keep up awareness for Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo, which includes posting this very Pixar-ish one-sheet for the American release. Note the highlighted voice cast, which means that most of you will be seeing the dubbed print in theatres; hopefully, as per previous Disney releases of Miyazaki films, there will be some subtitled prints floating around as well.

Ponyo (called Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea in Japan) follows a tiny fish girl who befriends a five-year old human boy (who calls the girl Ponyo) and eventually becomes human. The voice cast has some great names: Tina Fey; Matt Damon; Liam Neeson; Cate Blanchett and Noah Cyrus as Ponyo and Frankie Jonas as the young boy Sosuke.

The poster comes via AICN, who have a much bigger version and an exclusive still from the film. Click over for that, and be ready for the master’s return this August.