Looks like there was more at the recent TMNT 25th Anniversary event than the announcement of a new film and dozens of cosplayers- apparently there was a Ninja Turtle Party Van that had a playable demo of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Turtles in Time remake. Damn it, knew I should have gone!

TMNT Blog “Ninja Pizza” has the first details on the game and that’s where this picture comes from. The arcade classic has been completely revamped (except for the original music!) and it willl apparently be a Xbox 360 Arcade exclusive, which makes sense because the first TMNT Arcade game is already on the service. Turtles in Time is far superior, however, and the SNES version was even better, with new levels, bosses, and moves. There was nothing like the first time you threw a foot soldier into the screen.

Let’s hope they base it on that version, and include the original version for us diehards. Head on over to Ninja Pizza for more pics. More as we hear it!

(Thanks to the always-awesome Justin Clark for the heads up!)