When I first saw that Slashfilm was reporting that secret Star Wars footage was being shot in West Hollywood, I thought to myself ‘What has George Lucas done with Bea Arthur’s corpse and how is he using it in a Star Wars Holiday Special: Special Edition?’ But it turns out that the filming going on in Los Angele’s most fabulous area isn’t a new movie, special or even that much whispered about new live action show (about which I recently heard whispered ‘It’s surprisingly dark!’). And it’s not a Repeal Prop 8 ad spot (which would be so fucking rad. Imagine Darth Vader saying ‘Even I, a Dark Lord of the Sith, believe that all people should be protected under the law. It doesn’t matter who you love, just that you love them.’ And then he and Jar Jar try to get married in California and is denied and he screams ‘Noooooooooo!’) – it’s footage for an updated Star Tours.

Yeah, a ride. I guess it hasn’t been updated since 1987, and they’re doing a post-Prequel makeover. Says Slashfilm: ‘Our source reveals that the revamp will incorporate prequel characters
(like Naboo citizens and Geonosians) along with many aliens from the
original trilogy (Aqualish. Bith, Rodians, etc). In the action
sequence, the Star Tours vehicle is now going to be chased by Boba Fett.’

This is big news if you’re the kind of person who pays too much money to go to annoying, sweaty, crowded with buttheads and their offspring amusement parks. I’ve never been on the Star Tours ride and I don’t really see myself starting now. But for the rest of you: have fun!