Back in 1996 I was first introduced to Resident Evil by my cousin. As with everyone who has played it, the damn dogs scared the crap out of me when I ran through that hall. The game was a lot fun, and equal times scary and fun.

In 1997 I bought the Director’s Cut that was being promoted as being the original uncut Japanese version. Those Japanese love their gore, and there was a lot on display through the game. The beginning infamously had the showing of the severed wrist cut out, as well as the first zombie eating part of the face of one of the STARS guys (I think it was Kenneth) and the partially eaten head falls in frame. That was cut too.

I was quite frightened by it, but like with all frightening things I was fascinated by the game. So fascinated that I bought the sequel that was released the next year. I have just about every Resident Evil game, save for the Gun Survivor or Dead Aim games. I even have Resident Evil: Outbreak that has that character who looks a lot like Ving Rhames. Wasn’t too crazy about that game.

As far as I know the original uncut version of the original Resident Evil hasn’t been released in the U.S. I know it was just released on the PSN, and my friend was telling me I should download it, to which I replied, why? I could just throw on my copy of the game.

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