It’s like this new trailer for Paramount’s GI Joe was cut just for me. They open with a shot of Cobra’s evil underwater headquarters. I LOVE THIS. And it turns out that Cobra’s evil weapon is some kind of green super-rust? I AM IN.

I’m not even kidding. The only x factor right now is whether or not Stephen Sommers can pull this off. This movie looks amazing on every level (‘The French are upset.’ ‘Of course they are!’ Why is such a lame exchange in the trailer? Because it’s likely one of the best exchanges in the movie!), at least if you’re as big a fan of weird, goofy, broad movies as I am. And what’s best is that it looks like Sommers is playing this straight; it’ll be up to you to decide if this is a silly movie that’s being serious or a serious movie that’s really silly.

G.I. JOE trailer in HD