Remember the original Spawn movie? If so, sorry to hear that. The film was just awful, mostly memorable for the first time John Leguizamo played an entire role on his knees and for the special effects that looked like they came from a Windows screen saver. Oh, and how it got Martin Sheen the role of the president in The West Wing.

But Todd McFarlane, the guy who created Spawn back in the days when it looked like Image Comics was poised to take over the Earth, wants to have a second go with a movie version of the character with an overly complicated cape whom he still milks for the mortgage. IESB caught up with McFarlane at the Arizona premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and he told the site that he has no less than five offers on the table to do a reboot of the character. The artist/writer/worthless baseball owner says that the offers range from the big studios to indie versions that would allow him to write and direct. Oh lord, please don’t let that happen.

Here, for those of you who don’t remember, are some choice scenes from the original Spawn, set to a Rage Against the Machine song.