The awesome folks promoting Anvil! The Story of Anvil let us be the first to know of a great opportunity for film fans in NYC. Director and long-time Anvil fan Sacha Gervasi will be in the city this Friday for a special Anvil screening. He’ll be attending the 7:45 pm showing of the film at the Angelika and will do a Q&A with the audience immediately afterwards. You can pick up tickets right here… grab them fast, because this film is selling out as it is!

During the Q&A Sacha is going to flip the tables and ask some Anvil trivia, and if you answer it correctly he’s going to invite you and a guest out for drinks. How great is that? I already drank with the guys behind the film and can tell you that they’re all fantastic individuals. Sacha is a funny cat- not only did he direct this amazing documentary but he wrote The Terminal, and has some truly incredible stories from his time touring with Anvil as a kid in the early 80s.

Look at this way- if you go to the screening and don’t get chosen to go out for drinks, at the very least you’ll have seen an incredible documentary. I’m so happy that this movie is doing as well as it is, getting played in more and more cities as the release spreads wider. Keep an eye on to see if it’s going to play near you soon.