A month ago I purchased the full game of Wolfenstein 3D off of the PSN. It was only $4.99 plus tax and I just finished it sunday night. It was completely worth every penny. It’s old school with blocky effects, but damn if it isn’t addicting. This game has 6 episodes and each episode has 9 missions. The first 8 are all fighting soldiers and even some zombies(!) while the 9th level is all about fighting the boss. 3 episodes in and you kill Hitler. After that it’s scientists and more Nazi military badguys.

At first I wasn’t that crazy about it. I played a bit, then didn’t for a while. I concentrated on other games (Ghostbusters was great!) and dvds. A few days ago I went back to it, and JUST. COULDN’T. STOP. I played for hours. Then I finished it late sunday night, and now I want to play more.

Good thing that there’s going to be a new version of it coming to the PS3 in the fall.

Rene’s song of the day: “Head Games” by Foreigner.

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