I was afraid that Food, Inc. might be shrill and too much in the Michael Moore vein. Turns out I didn’t have to be. I saw the film on Sunday and it is fantastic: an informative, well-crafted film that wants it’s audience to understand where food is coming from. It is not an anti-corporate movie or (as has been asked on our message boards) an anti-meat movie. It’s a film that is deeply suspicious of practices that bring food to our table every day. And rightly so.

I’ll have a review later today, but for now the excellent opening is online. You’ll get a feel for the tone of the thing (though this is probably more strident than most of the movie) and see how well shot it is. Among everything else, this is a great looking (and sounding!) film. There are a lot of interesting movies coming out soon, but among all of them this is the one I expect I’ll start insisting people see.

(Because the screening of That Evening Sun, the excellent Hal Holbrook film that’s been scooping festival awards, started late and then I had to dash two subway stops to make Food, Inc., I actually didn’t see this opening in the theatre. So this is a treat for me, too.)