I am very excited to see this flick. Each new trailer is better than the previous one and it seems as if it has more elements in common with an adventure film (confirmed by someone who’s seen it) than an action film and I’m a huge Christian Bale fan. And a huge Endoskeleton fan. And a huge fan of Terminator movies not overly concerned with creating some fancy new bit of tech to show off a villain. And a fan of no one returning from the other films (well, aside from a possible cameo).

Good. All good.

Plus, McG seems to really have an interesting visual take on this. And that poster is phenomenal.

And somehow, a Terminator sequel seems like an awful nice change of pace from comic book adaptations.

And I have tickets for three Southeastern towns for folks willing to enter the contest and follow the instructions. Here’s how:

1. Tell me your CHUD Message Board handle. If you don’t have one, Register and then tell me!

2. Tell me how often you visit the site and for how long.

3. Tell me if you’d support a CHUD.com Chewer get-together in your town, whether it be a Happy Hour, Cult Movie Screening, or General Meet ‘n Greet.

4. Tell me why you are the proper choice to see this film early. Keep in mind, these screenings aren’t meant for you to have bragging rights on Twitter, but rather to help build awareness and excitement for upcoming films. These are paid for by the studios and have a purpose above and beyond getting you free stuff.

5. Tell me what your favorite features on CHUD.com are.

6. Please include your mailing address in the ticket request. One ticket per person. Content entries received after May 15th are to void.

Good luck!