For some reason Robert Zemeckis got stuck in my nogging, and so I went on a kick and bought the Back to the Future set and Romancing the Stone. Stone is a fine – albeit formulaic – adventure film that seems shockingly anachronistic, even if Fool’s Gold is essentially trying to make the same film. What’s most interesting about the film is that the film is told almost exclusively from the point of view of a woman. This is Joan Wilder’s movie.

the film has some set up, which is handles well enough, but the film comes alive when Alfonso Arau shows up. As the Deus Ex Machina drug dealer/fan, he just takes the film into orbit. That great supporting part kicks up the second half, though the scene where douglas and Turner get really high has some moments. But Arau is the movie.

I’m now watching Back to the Future. The film’s hardest plot point to swallow (in a film about time travel) is Marty and Doc’s friendship. Pedo-alert! I guess the Doc lets him play his music really loud. I wonder what Doc gets out of the friendship.

Oh shit, that Burger king Marty skates out from at the beginning of the film? I know where that is. Exactly.

If I had a lot of money, like a lot of money, I’d buy  peanut company, and name it after me. Then I’d sponsor a sporting event and get everyone in the stadium to shout “I love Dellamorte’s Peanuts.”

Cause it sounds like Penis, you see.