We have long been kept from owning Scott Pilgrim action figures, but that void in our lives could soon be filled. Global License reports that Universal is out pounding the pavement for tie-in products for Scott Pilgrim vs the World, based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s classic comic book. They’re looking for product partnerships in apparel and accessories, electronic accessories, collectible figures, novelty, stationery and social expressions. I don’t even know what social expressions are. It sounds like the way your social disease introduces itself.

Now, I know you’re thinking ‘Well, a Michael Cera action figure is sort of cool, but I really wanted a traditional Scott.’ You might be in luck. When I interviewed Bryan for the release of Scott Pilgrim Volume 5, he told me this:

The cool thing about the movie is that so far they seem really interested in using the artwork promotionally, as opposed to just giving you a beach ball with Michael Cera’s face on it.

Which sounds to me like we might very likely get merch with Cera’s mug on it but also versions of O’Malley’s art.

Scott Pilgrim has been shockingly lightly merchandised so far. I have a Sex Bob-omb shirt that’s apparently way out of print, and there are a couple of posters, but that’s essentially all that exists for the character. While the consumer part of me chafes at this – I want to waste my money on Scott Pilgrim branded junk, dammit! – there’s another part of me that appreciates the fact that Bryan Lee O’Malley has been focused on writing and drawing a fucking great comic instead of parting me from my every last dime.

via MTV Splash Page