Shock Til You Drop has an exciting scoop for us nerds: Bill Murray has filmed a cameo in the movie Zombieland. And not just any cameo – he’s playing a zombie. There’s no word on just how involved his scene is or how (or if… sequel!) he dies, but the idea that Murray took time from Garfield 3 to do this makes me love the fella a little more.

Zombieland is a tale of the undead starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg, and it marks the directorial debut of Ruben Fleischer. Our own Nick Nunziata visited the set of the movie in Georgia a couple of weeks back; I imagine he’ll have a full reporting as soon as the embargo is lifted.

Meanwhile, check out these pictures from when Zombieland came to LA for a day and post-apocalypted Hollywood Boulevard (resulting in a major traffic headache for me. This best be worth it, Fleischer!).