You know that times are tough in the world of genre films when any original, non-sequel, non-remake idea gets me psyched. Such is the case with the next film from Snakes on a Plane director David R. Ellis, Humpty Dumpty.

I don’t believe this is a retelling of the classic egg vs gravity story. Rather, Variety tells us that it is a ‘3-D sci-fi horror pic is about a half-human, half-alien creature
who embarks on a murderous rampage after his alien mother is abused by
two rednecks in the Deep South.’

Fuck yes, I’m on board. I’m assuming that the title is a reference to what the monster looks like?

Silly name. Hicksploitation. Gimmicky 3D. A stuntman turned not that talented director. I am all over this like shit on someone who bathes in the Ganges.

Humpty Dumpty shoots this fall.