Film Weekend Per Screeen Total
1 Obsessed $28,500,000 $11,337 $28,500,000
2 17 Again $11,665,000 (-50.8%) $3,584 $39,970,000
3 Fighting  $11,441,000 $4,955 $11,441,000
4 The Soloist $9,715,000 $4,800 $9,715,000
5 Earth $8,554,000 $4,742 $8,554,000
6 Monsters Vs. Aliens $8,524,000 (-35.6%) $2,538 $174,817,000
7 State of Play $6,891,000 (-51.0%) $2,455 $25,124,000
8 Hannah Montana The Movie $6,372,000 (-52.5%) $1,972 $65,590,000
9 Fast and Furious $6,062,000 (-48.5%) $1,700 $145,224,000
10 Crank: High Voltage $2,400,000 (-65.5%) $1,080 $11,518,000

This just in: Oh no, she didn’t.
In exhibition the phrase “urban” is code for “black peoples movie.” Studios often release these pictures on Wednesdays to spread out the opening weekend (and hopefully remove the threat of violence, but that’s more with the gang pictures that used to be so popular). Nowadays, you’ve got a picture like Obsessed which opens on a Friday, and plays big, at least for an opening weekend. I think we all hope this turns Stringer Bell into a star, but the film was sold on Ali Larter vs. Beyonce Knowles and so the film (which reportedly cost $20 Million) should be in some form of profit next weekend. Not so bad. But there’s always an audience for this sort of film, and it’s been a while since a film expressly targeted that Urban market. So a $50-$60 total is gonna happen, and this niche business remains one of the most consistently profitable.

17 Again fell off 51%, which isn’t bad, all things, but with Summer starting next week, $55 or so is where it should end up, which means it’s not as successful as Hannah Montana. But this wasn’t a tie-in thing, like Efron’s High School Musical 3, which did $90. Efron did SNL, he’s trying to show that he’s more than just a Disney team player, but it’ll take some nurturing if he’s going to make it outside of the Disney umbrella. If this film was cheap, DVD sales should get it into profit. It seems like theatrical is just phase one of Hannah Montana’s profit margins as I’m sure the DVD and then eventual re-running on the Disney channel (or on ABC one Saturday) is part of the plan, as are all the tie-in merchandise. It’s not so much filmmaking as branding. But Miles Cyrus will never be out of the Disney factory, and her career path will likely follow that of Hilary Duff.

Fighting couldn’t top 17 Again, though there’s been some word the film is not the worst thing ever. Channing Tatum – like Zac Efron – is another getting groomed for a chance at the ring. G.I. Joe is his maker or breaker, this is a toss off. And Terrence Howard is in an awkward position as I’ve seen headlines that he’s whining about not being in Iron Man 2. Especially since most people thought he was the worst part of the first film. Red Tails will be key in keeping him fresh.

Speaking of things left out for recycling, The Soloist was supposed to be an academy picture, instead it’s released the week before summer starts to a less than $10 opening, and was probably wounded by Obsession being the higher draw for Urban audiences who might be fans of Jamie Foxx. I believe I saw a trailer for this one in front of Iron Man, and this was obviously meant to be a prestige picture. Much like State of Play. Both will fade from existence, only to haunt cable channels for years to come. That’s two losers in a row for Universal, who also had April’s big winner, Fast and Furious. Better hope that Land of the Lost works. Drag Me to Hell is supposedly cheap, so I’m guessing they’d be happy to do Strangers business.

Earth is a Disney documentary. That’s a strong showing for what it is, but it’s a one week wonder in that regard, and since the film was made in 2007, and has already been released internationally, it’ll likely make a very strong Blu-ray demo disc. Monsters Vs. Aliens is still playing strong, and it should be able to spit at $200 since it’ll be the only animated film until Up. Crank tanked it. Likely it was the release date.

Next week summer starts. Cleveland can already feel it.