During my time at the Independent Film Festival Boston I caught Robert Siegel’s Big Fan, starring Patton Oswalt and Kevin Corrigan as manchildren devoted to the New York Giants. The film isn’t a comedy (as you may recall from Devin’s Sundance review) but an uncomfortable look at blind fandom.

Siegel and Corrigan were on hand to talk about the film during a brief Q&A after the film. (Corrigan was amazingly funny and, afterward, gracious as hell.) One question that came up, asked by The Playlist at my prodding after I burned up my first question on the film’s visual/directorial relationship to The Wrestler, was distribution. During the Q&A Siegel said a deal is in place, and that the film would be in theatres in late August or early September. Afterward, I got a little more detail: the deal is with a fairly small indie label to be announced (more than likely) this week at Tribeca.

See this movie. Oswalt and Corrigan do great work and Siegel creates a sickeningly tense world of pathological, pathetic devotion.

UPDATE: First Independent Pictures is the studio, says IndieWire. FIP distributed Gigantic and Everything’s Gone Green; they’re hardly huge, but should be able to work well with Siegel’s movie. (Unless you’re in a town without any good indie theater, in which case it’s DVD for you.) Expect to see a trailer before too long; we pray that it captures the ugly tension of the movie.