The new trailer for H2 (I thought that wasn’t the title, Rob?) has arrived, showing us the first footage of the sequel to the movie that gave me my own catch-phrase (Fuck You Out of 10! I use it in all sorts of daily situations, for comedic effect). And the movie looks as bugfuck weird as I thought it would be. We had heard from set visit reports that Michael Myers was being haunted by a vision of his dead mother as well as a vision of himself as a kid, but who expected the mom to look like… that? And why give Myers such blatant, unsubtle mommy issues? It seems to me that Rob Zombie would have been happier rebooting Friday the 13th: Jason Voorhees is a freak who lives in the backwoods and is dirty and has big time mom issues. The rocker ended up on the wrong slasher franchise.

For those keeping track, Ryan Rotten tells me that the hospital scenes do not mean this is a wholesale remake of Halloween 2 (if only), but rather that the film opens in the hospital before jumping ahead a year or two.

As my pal Scott Weinberg points out, the trailer does say that this ‘completes’ Rob Zombie’s vision for the franchise, so maybe we’re done with the hillbilly portion of the mythos. We can only hope.

Click here to see the trailer.