No one who has seen Irreversible and/or it’s precursor I Stand Alone has ever forgotten the experience. With those two films, French director Gaspar Noé became one of the most recognizable, villified and (I think) misunderstood firebrands of the past decade. And now he has a new film, Enter the Void, which will play in competition at Cannes.

Twitch has pointed out the new website for the movie, which has a couple of beautiful stills and a synopsis which I have clumsily translated from French to English. I’m excited to see Noé work with a backdrop that isn’t French, and to create another world based on a restless spirit.

Oscar and his sister Linda have recently come to Tokyo. Oscar survives
on small drug dealswhile  Linda works a nightclub striptease gig. One
evening, during a police raid, Oscar is killed. Faithful to a promise he made to his sister to never give up, his spirit refuses to leave the living world. His ghost wanders the city and his visions become increasingly
chaotic and nightmarish. The past, present and future mix in a
hallucinatory maelstrom.