I think there are very few people reading this that I’d ever need to sway on seeing a Christopher Nolan movie, especially when it’s a secretive sci-fi picture about “the architecture of the mind”.

But if, for instance, I needed to be swayed, seeing that Joseph Gordon-Levitt had joined the cast, as was just announced, would do it. Sadly he’s replacing James Franco, but the cast remains impressive. To remind you: Leonardo DiCaprio heads up the list, and Marion Cotillard (as his wife), Ellen Page (playing a grad student) and Cillian Murphy are on board.

Everyone involved with the film is doing a great job of keeping even the logline secret — literally all the details that have been publicly divulged are Nolan/sci-fi/architecture of the mind. WB picked up the script quickly, as you’d expect them to do after The Dark Knight, and the intent is to shoot this summer for release next year.