I have some friends who are filmmakers in Austin, Texas, and they’ve bemoaned that the state’s film incentive program has sent them out of their hometown – and in some cases out of the country – looking for places where they could afford to shoot. There’s been a reform of the program, signed today, and it’s good enough to make Austin posterboy Robert Rodriguez pretty happy.

He appeared at the press conference for the signing, and while there he dropped some info on the assembled press. Besides reiterating his interest in making a Machete movie (which he also stressed at SXSW), Rodriguez confirmed that he’s rebooting the Predator franchise. But he’s not remaking it. In fact, he’s not even making a movie called Predator. He’s making a movie called Predators.

What a difference an S makes! Just ask Jim Cameron. What does this mean? Beats me, but I imagine it means he’ll be upping the sporthunting alien factor in his version. Maybe he’ll reverse the dynamics and have a squad of Predators against one lone man. That would be just uninteresting enough to be a Rodriguez film.

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via IESB.