Once upon a time, on the set of Poseidon, Richard Dreyfuss punched me*. I have no hard feelings on the matter, as it was pretty hilarious.

But it makes me worried about the possibility of visiting the set of Alexandre Aja’s Piranha remake. See, Dreyfuss is going to be shooting a cameo for the film. Shock Til You Drop has learned that the cameo is an homage to his role in Jaws (Dreyfuss gotta eat. He was pretty upfront on Poseidon, saying he takes movie roles for the money only), so I wonder if we’re going to see Hooper getting et up by tiny fish. In 3D.

Meanwhile, Page Six has learned that Ving Rhames will also be starring in the film. No word on whether his role is an homage to Pulp Fiction and whether or not he gets sodomized by carniverous fishes.

*this story has gotten around so much that last year, Dreyfuss emailed the site with a simple question: ‘Who did I punch?’