Will the subprime mortgage crisis cause the Weinsteins to lose their real estate investments in Basin City? It looks like Sin City 2 is being shopped around to other studios right now, despite the Weinsteins insisting they still have the rights to the sequel.

This first broke a week ago when IESB reported that the sequel was making the rounds; the Weinsteins immediately denied it. But today The Hollywood Reporter confirms the story, which shows that motherfuckers in this industry will lie all the time. I believe in second sourcing/getting confirmation, but what’s the point when you can’t trust the denials you get?

THR speculates that inactivity – it’s been four fucking years since Sin City - could have led to the rights lapsing. They also mention that the rights are being shopped by Frank Miller’s ‘estate’ – is he dead? Did he commit sepukku after The Spirit? Can’t blame the dude.

Stay tuned for more updates, and a hearty congratulations to IESB for getting this one right.