You’re going to start hearing rumors about Edgar Wright directing the third Tintin movie, so let’s cut to the chase: it’s bullshit. Someone posted that to the IMDB (which should really start following Wikipedia’s model and be more transparent about contributions) and now it’s filtering through the various movie sites.

Slashfilm actually bothered to talk to Wright, who responded simply: “Not that I know of. But hey, rumors are fun.”

Yeah, they are. Especially because working as a director alongside Spielberg and Jackson would be a monumental coup for Wright, who despite his influence in certain spheres is still a fairly young director. And if Wright was directing a third Tintin movie, wouldn’t the very existence of a third film be news? We’ve seen much that points to the series being downsized to a pair of films from the original projected trilogy; a third film may still be an option, but right now does not seem to be set in stone.