It’s been a long time coming, but Left 4 Dead‘s Survival Pack finally hit today. Now we’ve finally got two more levels for Versus mode, and the infamous Survival mode. What does this mean? We’re going to be killing zombies by the MILLIONS tonight.

Anyone who’s ever played a match with folks from the messageboards knows it’s the way to go. No racist punks here dropping out of games early, just people who know how to play and have a wicked sense of humor.

So let’s do it. Those of you with the Xbox 360 version, add my Gamertag (Jugpuncher) and jump in on the fray. I’m going to be online from around 9:00 PM EST.

Since there’s a lot of people who want to play and only so many that we can fit in any game, here’s some more Gamertags to follow. Those of you on the West Coast never fear- I’m sure we’ll be on late.

Alex: Jugpuncher
Trevor: RealBEEFSupreme

From the boards- Ultraman Mac, CalgaryRonin, Ritalin Slurpee, ZombieFever. Check the thread out for more info and war-stories after the fact.