Twilight fans (or Twi-hards, as they actually call themselves) tend to not like the fourth book in the series, Breaking Dawn. And for a while, it looked like Summit would just be adapting the first three books in the saga, leaving the controversial and, by all accounts terrible, fourth book alone.

But that may no longer be the case. The Wrap – the latest blog from an entertainment journalist without a newspaper – is reporting that Summit is gearing up to start on Breaking Dawn as soon as one year from this day. The studio is barreling through the Twilight films – New Moon will finish shooting in about a month and photography on third film Eclipse will start before the second is even released – so this could mean that four Twilight films hit theaters within three years. Which might be just enough time for Summit to squeak through before Twilight mania finally blows over.

But what about Breaking Dawn? The book features the marriage of Bella and Edward, as well as the vampire knocking her up (he’s so rough in the sack he fucking knocks her out as well as up!). Then there’s all this bullshit about halfbreed babies or whatever – I could barely plow through the Wikipedia synopsis. At any rate, if people are so unhappy with the book, could the movie possibly rewrite history? Could Summit take the outline of the story and make something more palatable out of it?

The biggest question, though, must remain: who really cares?