What will The Beatles: Rock Band look like? Concertgoers at the Coachella festival got a sneak peek this weekend when Paul McCartney’s rendition of Got to Get You Into My Life included clips from the game playing on a giant screen behind him.

From what I can tell it looks… good! The Beatles are recognizable, although a touch cartoony, and their clothes and hair and equipment look exactly period appropriate. This footage has them performing in the studio, which is interesting – will the post-Shea Stadium segments of the game all be in-studio, much of it at Abbey Road? That seems a touch boring, so I imagine Harmonix has figured out a more visually dynamic solution.

Does the fact that the footage played behind Got to Get You Into My Life mean that this song will be in the game? I would bet on it.

Check out the shaky cameraphone footage below

(via a poster on the message boards)