Thank You, Jeremy Davies!

I want to extend a hearty “Thank You” to actor Jeremy Davies for all of the work he has done in trying to make films and television shows I’m enjoying damn near unbearable. I glossed over the fact the skittish, somewhat one-note actor was joining the cast of Lost only to discover as much as the new season began unfolding on my IPOD this week.

In a show that has the brilliance to cast Jeff Fahey, Andrew Divoff, M.C. Gainey, Clancy Brown, Michael Cudlitz, and Michael Bowen… great character actors with a rich background of eclectic and fun performances how the heck does someone like Jeremy Davies get added to the mix? He’s distracting as fuck and after Solaris I thought no one would let him infect something substantial with his customized hatesmash of overacting nonprowess.

No doubt, he was excellent in Saving Private Ryan. He played a character who sucked as a man, someone almost as bad as the grimy Germans who served as that film’s [and the real war’s] villains. You remember Upham! Everyone does! My mistake was thinking he was acting.

Davies is acting in a different show than everyone else on Lost. Even Ken Leung, typically a comic relief actor, has upped his game to match the uniformly excellent cast of the show. Davies just punches holes in the dramatic fabric of the show with his carnival freak approach to acting subtlety.

I’m sure he’s a great guy and I don’t mean to bash someone I don’t even know but he got Adam Goldberg killed.

Here’s hoping the character Daniel Faraday dies a horrible, anal death. Soon.

- Nick Nunziata is not a better actor than Jeremy Davies but he’d have knifed that Kraut in time.