While many of his peers are dying to get walk on roles in Judd Apatow movies, Demetri Martin has hit it big time. Really big time. He’s starring in Taking Woodstock, which sounds like just a goofy Baby Boomer comedy until you realize Ang Lee directed it. Now he’s going to star in Moneyball, an adaptation of a non-fiction book ‘about Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane, who assembled a
contending ball club despite having a payroll much lower than that of
other major-league teams.’
(According to Reuters. How would I know what a baseball book is about?) And while that sounds like it could be The Bad News Bears Go Major League, it’s actually being directed by Steven Soderbergh, and Brad Pitt is starring.

That’s two amazing movies in a row for Martin, a guy whose success baffles me. He’s just not… funny. To me, anyway. Girls love him because he’s adorable, I guess. But I don’t get him. Good thing for him I’m not a major A-list movie director, huh? Those guys seem to get him just fine.

Martin will play ‘Paul DePodesta, a Harvard graduate who is into stats and probabilities and helps Beane (Pitt) develop his system.’ Again, via Reuters.