In the popular tradition of bacon and syrup, alcohol and sex, old people and diapers comes Lego Rock Band. Announced sorta on the sly back at GDC, the game’s existence is confirmed today by a press release.

TT Games (the team behind the Lego game series) and Harmonix are co-developing the title for the PS3, Xbox360 and Wii, while Backbone Entertainment will add some effort for the Nintendo DS release. What’s vaguely interesting here is that EA, distributor of all Rock Bands to date, isn’t part of the picture. Warner Brothers will distribute instead.

The basic plan seems simple: Rock Band with a Lego aesthetic. There will be reality-based and fantasy stadiums and the option to customize player avatars, roadies management and crew. Will there be a Lego pathway with little round Lego dots for notes? Probably.

The song list includes some new tracks: Blur, “Song 2”; Carl Douglas, “Kung Fu Fighting”; Europe, “The Final Countdown”; Good Charlotte, “Boys and Girls”; Pink, “So What”

Will existing DLC be playable, and will these songs be exportable to the current game(s)? Doubt it, but that remains to be seen. Existing instruments will work, at least. You won’t have to build new ones out of little plastic pieces.