It’s official: Broken Steel, Fallout 3’s third DLC, will hit the Xbox 360 and PC on May 5th.

Priced at 800 points, it’s set to include an entirely new area modeled after Andrews Air Force Base, and completely removes the original (and fairly maligned) ending. Broken Steel’s main story content follows the wastelander’s quest for a super weapon amidst a growing conflict between the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel.

In addition to the new area, Broken Steel bumps the level cap to 30, and opens up a post-Project-Purity wasteland, complete with new enemy types, weapons, and sidequests. According to Bethesda, the Broken Steel story content should take around 5 hours to complete, and the new sidequests should add 30 minutes a pop.

There’s good news for dog lovers, too: Broken Steel includes a set of new perks, including one named Puppies!, which lets players resurrect their dead canine companion as a puppy. Did Peter Molyneux somehow get to Bethesda?

With a name like Broken Steel, it’s even more crucial that Bethesda doesn’t release their newest DLC without plenty of testing. After my Operation: Anchorage character sprouted an enormous pair of metallic wings for no good reason, it became clear that these new missions might have been rushed. Here’s hoping that Broken Steel isn’t BS.