You know how in science fiction they sometimes defeat robots by making them consider two incompatible bits of logic until their heads start smoking and then blow up? I’m doing that right now. On the one hand this video (found via io9) is a very funny, very pointed statement about how utterly shitty Dragonball Evolution was. On the other hand, it has a bunch of grown-ups essentially protesting an adaptation of a not terribly smart cartoon. So part of my brain is like, ‘Very funny! Good point! Excellent, visual way of making it!’ while the other part of my brain is like, ‘What is wrong with you people? Even pretending to cry over the treatment of a cartoon character is beyond the pale!’ Making it more confusing: they’re French, and they may be imitating a famous Jerry Lewis routine of which I am unaware*.

As my brain fries and smoke comes from my ears you will have the opportunity to make up your own mind by watching the embedded video below.

* what’s the shelf life on ‘the French love Jerry Lewis’ jokes anyway? Any readers under the age of 30 get that one?