No, that word didn’t become a bad one recently.  It’s just that one of the most overused terms this time of year regarding television shows is “on the ____” and I’ve already heard it so many times this year my ears are bleeding. Plus, as someone who bought property a couple of years ago – in CA – that word isn’t one of my favorites right now as you can imagine.  So we’ll be refraining from using it in this particular article at least.  So speaking of which shows are balancing on the Nielsen tightrope, I caught an article from Herc at AICN by way of about how things may be shaping up pending the May Upfronts.  And according to THR, this is how the picture is being painted.  I may have added a comment or two as well.


  • Without A Trace: Must kill Cold Case in a Thunderdome match to come back.
  • Cold Case: See above. Two shows enter, one show leaves.
    • I watch and like the show.  I’m hoping it’s around long enough for Kathryn Morris’ lips to return to normal.
  • Numb3rs: The figures look good for a return.
  • Ghost Whisperer: Will get two time slots in the fall, one for J-Love and one for her -
  • The Unit: Currently David Palmer shaking hands, but could end up being David Palmer by the window ( i.e. Shawn Ryan did get a meeting on a possible fifth season, but it’s still atop the you-know-what).
  • The Eleventh Hour: Trustno1 to come back.


  • Cupid: Shot through the heart, and not in the good way.
  • Better Off Ted: Still under consideration.
  • The Unusuals: Still under consideration.
  • Castle: Still under consideration.
    • This is Fillion’s second best role ever.  They really need to keep this show around.


  • Chuck: Still under consideration.
    • Fuck NBC if this show gets canceled. Up the ass with a Late Show With David Letterman pencil.  Sharpened.
  • Medium: Dreaming of a return.  Will probably get it.
  • Life: Death.
  • Law & Order: James Arness won’t get his prayers answered.  But a full 22 is probably out of the question.


  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: “Sarah Connor?” *pulls out gun*
    • I kept leaving and coming back to this show.  So I can understand why it’ll probably get the axe.  Nevertheless, wouldn’t have minded another season.
  • Dollhouse:  On the mother of all soapy spheroids this season. 
    • I’ve seen every episode.  Still couldn’t tell you if I gave a damn or not.   


  • Reaper: Wasn’t this already canceled? CW will remedy that.
  • Privileged: Will probably be back midseason ’10 to help fill in the lack of ‘tween programming on the network.