Impugn Dan Brown’s writing (no seriously, impugn it. He’s a terrible fucking writer), but do not impugn his accounting. The man is returning with a third Robert Langdon adventure this fall, to be titled The Lost Symbol. It’s going to have a first printing of FIVE MILLION COPIES, which means the publishing company will have enough for every imbecile capable of scraping their eyes across a page.

And Sony isn’t waiting to see if Angels and Demons, the sequel to The Da Vinci Code, does well this summer. According to Variety they’ve already jumped all over The Lost Symbol and will now attempt to get Ron Howard and Tom Hanks back on board for the threepeat.

I have no real ill will for these books or these movies. As long as they’re keeping Ron Howard from tackling properties I would like to see approached with subtlety or skill, I’m all for them. There’s no word yet on the plot of The Lost Symbol, but I’m sure it will be utterly absurd and based on a piss poor understanding of history.