I had been hearing rumors , but now it appears to be official: at this weekend’s Fangoria Weekend of Horrors My Bloody Valentine 3D director Patrick Lussier announced that Lionsgate would not be pursuing a sequel.

We’re through the looking glass here: I’m disappointed that there will not be a cash-in sequel to a movie and a studio like Lionsgate is opting not to monetize a surprise high earner like MBV3D. When I interviewed Lussier for the film he told me that he had an ingenious sequel planned out that would continue the slasher series beyond its giallo-esque mystery start. I would have liked to see what Lussier came up with.

So what’s the story here? I wonder if Lionsgate learned a lesson from Hostel, a movie that made bank but didn’t have the audience support to really sustain a sequel. I know that I loved the shit out of MBV3D (I’m even quoted on the back of the DVD cover, apparently. I haven’t seen it yet. Being quoted doesn’t seem to earn you a free DVD), just as I loved the shit out of Hostel, but I also know that a lot of the kids today don’t seem to understand the pure joy of a gloriously gory slasher film, so our boards were filled with grumblers. I’m constantly amazed at how people will give any movie where something explodes a pass, but when they’re presented with a quality version of a slasher film they suddenly turn into snobs.

Anyway, it’s possible that strong DVD sales may yet persuade Lionsgate to change their minds. All slasher fans know that these characters need to kill through a series of films in order to really reach their full potential. Just imagine that in ten years from now the Miner from My Bloody Valentine could be killing people on an asteroid mine. Why would you rob us of this, Lionsgate?

Via Shock til you Drop