Huffington Post just premiered the poster for In The Loop, a British comedy that premiered at Sundance and will be playing this week at the Tribeca Film Festival.
A mild-mannered British government minister (Tom Hollander) inadvertently backs a war on prime-time television, immediately alerting the attention of the Prime Minister’s aggressive communications chief (Peter Capaldi), who latches onto him like a hawk. Soon, the Brits are in Washington, where a US General (James Gandolfini) thinks war is a crazy idea; the British minister’s new advisor  (Chris Addison) has his eye on an ambitious government intern (Anna Chlumsky); and soon there’s to be a crucial vote at the UN.

Director Armando Iannucci brings us this film straight from the critically acclaimed BBC show The Thick of It. If all goes well I’ll be able to check it out this week and bring you guys back a review.
Check the trailer out below!