Just watching some of my favorite bits from Trick R Treat in a brand new trailer made me smile; Mike Dougherty’s Halloween anthology film is a bona fide classic, and while it’s a tragedy that Warner Bros has been sitting on it for about two years now it looks like it will at least get some sort of release. That new trailer includes a sting at the end where it’s announced that the film will hit Blu-Ray and DVD this October.

I really hope that Warner Bros promotes the film by setting up at least a handful of screenings. This is a movie that works magnificently in a crowded theater, a movie that’s a great date flick. The trailer uses a Wizard magazine quote saying that Trick R Treat is the best Halloween film in 30 years, but I disagree. I think it’s the best Halloween film I have ever seen.

Click here to watch the trailer and mark your calendars for October.

via Shock Til You Drop