As I expect to have my inbox flooded with links to an image that purports to show Cobra Commander from the GI Joe movie, I want to take a moment to say ‘That is not a picture of Cobra Commander.’

As best as I can put it together, it goes like this:

A blog called The Playlist scanned an image from the upcoming Entertainment Weekly. Said image seems to be essentially a screenshot from the recent GI Joe trailer. The image is labeled as containing Joseph-Gordon Levitt, who is playing Cobra Commander in the movie.

Latino Review took a look at the image and realized that the dude in the picture is actually just a Cobra Viper, and posted an earlier Viper pic to prove it.

Finally, JoBlo (on Twitter) posted the full screenshot from the trailer (the EW pic seems to be like a frame or two after this) and laid it all to rest.

So it looks like a bit of bad picture labeling caused a little tempest in a little teapot.