Empire has the first image from Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones adaptation, and it appears to be a look at his vision of heaven. I say appears because the picture has a huge watermark right in the center of it, obscuring most of the visuals.

I can’t blame Empire for doing this. We’re in the Wild West right now – blogs will simply take your exclusive photo and steal it. Last week Slashfilm scanned a picture from a magazine and put their watermark on it – what ever happened to operating with honor? So as a result we’re going to see more and more pictures mutilated beyond belief as sites attempt to maintain their exclusivity through the only means available to them: ugly watermarks.

Back to the pic: it’s images like this that supposedly made The Lovely Bones so expensive and take so long. The movie is actually a fairly simple story: a young girl is killed and looks down from heaven as her family tries to deal and as her killer tries to hide the evidence. Jackson has gone FX heavy, it seems, creating a very specific vision of the afterlife. I’m curious how it all plays out, as I could easily imagine this story being told with very old school tech.

Click here to see the entirety of Empire’s image.