Anyone can add a celebrity Twitter account to the list of accounts they
follow. I have quite a few and I regret most of them. Like I really
enjoy hearing all the fancy shit Frank Marshall’s doing while I wait in
futility for a programmer to fix my site…

does not bring you one degree of separation closer to “greatness”,
folks. But I understand wanting to see what’s on their mind, how they
deliver information to their friends and public. How well they can put
a sentence together.

to respond to their comments? Dumb. And expecting a response? Dumber.
And thinking you’re somehow a part of their lives? Fuck off! Even if
they throw you a bone and respond to something you say, it’s vapor,
gone the minute someone walks by in their real life. You’re sitting at
home with MS Paint Shop Pro painstakingly painting your avatar green
because so and so said to. You’re namedropping their Twitter comment at
work because it makes you almost sort of involved.

You aren’t. Just be you, however pitiful it may be. At least it’s real.