Now here’s a concept that’s just dying to be a movie: it turns out that there’s a Stuffed Animal Kingdom, and the stuffed animals that seem like innocuous toys in the homes of millions actually come alive to protect children from all manner of terrible monsters. I mean, this is obviously a property ready to become a film franchise, toys, video games, clothing, herpes medication – you name it, you can slap the logo for Lions, Tigers and Bears on anything (and that name, ripped off from The Wizard of Oz, has so much recognition built in!).

The property originated in a comic book that Wikipedia tells me – without sources!  – was very popular (Gee, I wonder if anyone involved with the comic put that unsourced info
(which the Hollywood Reporter seems to treat as gospel) in there?). I’m not sure why nobody snagged this up earlier; I don’t know if the book is any good but the concept is gold, so why not just scrap everything in the comic and start from that killer concept?

The script will be written for Paramount by a guy named Joey Aucoin, who recently sold a spec script called Unicorn which is about… wait for it… a guy who wakes up one day to find a sherbert-pooping unicorn in his apartment. Write what you know!