Over the weekend a snippet of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen footage, originally screened at ShoWest, went up on Michael Bay’s site, but sometime in the past 24 hours it was taken down. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, however, nothing stays pulled on the ‘net for long.

You’ll see a couple things in this clip. There’s a short scene in which the Autobot Bumblebee is streaming tears, the fluid du jour replacing the first film’s urine. In the same scene, which has Shia LaBeouf ‘breaking up’ with Bumblebee because Shia wants to go to college and have frequent sex with Megan Fox (seen here briefly stripping/changing) we get a range of Autobot emotions. It’s a dramatic triumph. Seems like Bumblebee is basically pretending to be R2D2 playing Nick Frost at the end of Shaun of the Dead; I want outtakes of him fumbling with a PS2 controller and TimeSplitters.

After that is all the stuff you really want to see — giant robots fighting. You’ll catch Devestator, the massive killing machine made up of smaller but still massive killing machines. You’ll marvel at the doddering robot with a cane and the weird lips on Optimus Prime. And you’ll see The Fallen, but only briefly. Can’t blow the whole wad in one clip, and since we’re already seeing Megan Fox shed leather pants, there’s got to be something left for opening weekend.