I’m currently in Montreal checking out Army of Two: The 40th Day, on a brief break before I head out to dinner with folks from EA Montreal and about ten other websites. I’ve got an article coming with impressions of the game (which is still very early in production) but for now, some quick goodies before I have to duck out to dinner. Keep up with me on Twitter if you want some goofy details of the trip.

The guys are keeping very mum on the story, which has the same duo from the first game doing jobs in Shanghai when all of a sudden the city is attacked. And when I say attacked, I mean attacked- all around you see destruction- battleships sending cruise missiles flying and knocking down buildings, fighter jets ducking and weaving around the city, buses smashing through walls. This place is falling to pieces around you and all you want to do is finish your contract and get out. We’ve got these two brand semi-exclusive (the other sites got them too,
hence the semi) screens to show you.

The first is a look at the new
baddies in the game, a Merc from the so-called 40th Hour.
EA Montreal is not saying what their deal is but with the name it’s safe to
assume there’s a religious connotation. Click it for a bigger size and
to check out the incredible amount of detail on the characters this

Second is a look at some concept art. As with the screen above you can see what they’re going for- the world is a lot more cluttered this time. Say goodbye to the clean and sterile environments from the first, the world in The 40th Day looks used and feels lived in, the chaos genuine and always present.

From the little I’ve seen so far I know that this is going to be a treat for Army of Two fans. The first is a great game, albeit flawed, but if they manage to pull off everything they’re going after here it could easily be a brilliant one. Check back soon for complete impressions of the event!