Dan Fogler, whose IMDB page describes him as cherubic, premieres his directing debut at the Tribeca Film Festival next week. The movie, Hysterical Psycho, is a spoof of cabin in the woods movies, made with his theater group, Stage 13. We’re proud to bring you the premiere of the trailer for the movie, which makes really funny use of title cards throughout. Looks pretty interesting, and I’m hoping Alex gets a chance to check it out.

Below is the official Tribeca synopsis; the trailer is embedded below that (thanks to my Twitter buddy @ldmullen for helping me get this file into a format we could run)!

Launching the “Moonlake Series Horror Stories,” writer/director Dan Fogler (who acted in Balls of Fury and Fanboys)
and NYC theater troupe Stage 13 create a hilarious horror lampoon of
the stuck-in-a-cabin-with-the-phone-lines-cut-and-the-car-battery-dead
ilk. “Moon Lake has been a hotbed of evil activities for centuries,”
our droll, Hitchcockesque narrator tells us in an inventively animated
preamble to the live-action splatterfest that’s about to unfold. The
site of some ancient, angry goings-down between the moon and the earth,
rural Moon Lake now holds the strongest amount of insanity-inducing
lunar radiation on the planet. When a New York theater troupe travels
to those snowy woods to “find themselves,” one by one, each member
begins to get killed. But who is the killer among them? Did the lunar
radiation turn one of the thespians into a crazy killer? And what’s up
with the groundskeeper and his deaf-mute sister?

The sheer fun that Fogler and the cast had while making
Hysterical Psycho
is palpable. Their play with horror clichés results in some uproarious
scenes, but Fogler doesn’t scrimp on the thrills and kills. It’s his
ability to merge the horror with the laughs seamlessly that ultimately
Hysterical Psycho such a bloody good time.