Ryan ‘Rotten’ Turek knows his Frankenstein. Of that I have no doubt. And because of that the idea of I, Frankenstein – a movie based on an upcoming comic book series that reimagines Frankie, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Invisible Man, Dracula, and many others in a modern day setting – makes me happy. See, Ryan is co-developing and associate producing the movie.

The comic comes from Kevin Grievoux, the guy who created the Underworld series, and the director is Patrick Tatopulous, the FX legend who directed the latest Underworld installment. Robert Sanchez, the honcho of IESB.net, is also producing.

“I, Frankenstein is a Raymond Chandler-esque monster mash where the rogues don’t pack pistols, they’ve got claws and fangs,” says Ryan. “This is one of those films where the possibilities are endless.”

You might remember Ryan from his days with Creature Corner way back when. The transition to making movies seems obvious for a guy as talented as Ryan, but I do hope that we’re not losing him from this end for good – there is not a better, smarter, more ethical guy working the horror beat on the web or in print.